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Photograph My Mind

#loteria LA PALMA COMING SOON xoxox


Had the honor of photographing @elchapomancia ‘s shirts. If it’s something you’re interested in go check him out. #flymafia

YASSSSSSSS do u have a clearer pic of it?!

Asked by volanus


volanus clicked the wrong button….

Chicago #dartsf #artistontumblr #fuckwitme

Late night edits. New stuff up soon.

Feeling super cute with my hair right now. Today was my day off. I’ve been cleaning all day/ packing. 

Working on a few images as I type this. I’ll be posting updates on life and other fun things. Not sure why I have y’all following me but thanks! I’m very grateful. Anyway, this has been an update

Broobs OUT

One of the many women that have changed and molded me into who I am today.

gramma Carmen Guerrero